Getting Started is a web based tool for planning personal meal plans; and monitoring the macros consumed. It is intended for those who are looking to improve their lifestyle by modifying and controling their dietary intake.

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Ingredients are the smallest loggable unit in; think of these as the specific food stuffs. Some can be easten whole as is (a single banana, a pot of yogurt, a slice of bread), others needs to be cooked or processed in some way (half a tin of tomatoes). First we calculate the macros for 100 grams of the ingredient, and then make suggested serving sizes for easy individual consumption.
The next level up from ingredients are Meals. These are basically recipies that use more than one ingredient to create an edible portion. You might chooose to make a Breakfast Smoothie meal that contains 50g fruits, 50g spinach, and 50ml of milk and the application will calcualte the macros of a single serving. For meal prep, you can also set the number of portions produced. So you might make a batch of 5 portions from one single recipe. This makes it easy to plan the week ahead.
The plan is composed into week long chunks, on to each day you place the items (either single ingredients, or meal portions) onto the day and time you want to consume them. This allows you to construct a week overview of food items and the application calcualates the macro totals and compares them to your desired target goals.